birthday post...a week late.

My 24th birthday was a week ago from today. It was a wonderful day filled with huge amounts of fun
and spent with lots of people that I love. It felt like a party all day long :)

There is no better way to start off your BIRTHday than with a waffle breakfast. Trust me. I had the waffle breakfast plus a 'waffle cake' with a candle in it and everyone singing "Happy Birthday". It was the best. And I would like to add that the waffles were excellent.

I was so excited when I opened my gifts and saw all the wonderful things everyone surprised me with. Somehow they all got the memo to get me card-making/craft things. I LOVE the embossing powders, the stamp sets, the stamp pads and pretty paper. Thank you so much everyone...Mom, Kathleen, Randy, Sharlee, Grandma Patti and Aunt Summer.

I also got to make a craft on my birthday :) Which was great because I love crafts. I made my very own ugly Christmas sweater to wear to work on Christmas Eve. My mom and I went on a hunt for a sweater at Goodwill but we had zero luck finding one. We had to resort to buying a red sweater and decorating it with felt Christmas cut-outs. I think the sweater turned out WAY better than any sweater we could've bought.

The final part of my birthday happened after a long day of waiting. When I was opening all my other gifts, Paul told me that his present for me wasn't ready yet. His present was definitely worth the wait!!! At first I thought that he found this t-shirt at some store, but then I found out that he designed the t-shirt just for me :) It was so cute because I could tell that he had put lots of time into designing the shirt for me and picking out the colors and getting it printed. It was the sweetest present ever and the first thing I said when I saw it was "I can't wait to blog about this!!!" HAHAHAHA.

To sum things up...my birthday was amazing!!!
AND I got to skype with my BFF birthday twin Julia which made my birthday even more amazing!


  1. Em! I have been waiting for this post haha but decided not to bug you about it since I haven't posted in FOREVER! I love the shirt! Good job Paul! Barackkkkkk!

  2. <3 <3 <3 I love your blog, emmy!