Merry Christmas!!!

Day 25: I can't believe Christmas has come and gone. Paul and I had a wonderful day celebrating Christmas with his family in Oregon. My mom, her twin sister and my cousin were also able to be here so there was lots of laughter and love. We started the day by going to church; where we got to sing lots of Christmas songs and we got to hear the Christmas story. It was such a great way to spend Christmas morning.

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a
 Saviour, which is Christ the Lord"
                                  -Luke 2:11

Santa was pretty good to us this year. I was so excited to use our new matching stockings that I had made at the beginning of the month :) It made Christmas just a little bit more special. Paul only asked for socks in his stocking so Santa had to be a little creative and get him a biking reflective vest. This is basically for his paranoid wife who doesn't like him biking places in the dark. Now he will probably be spotted from more than a mile away and that is a good thing.

I was so happy to see so many pink things in my stocking. Santa must know that I love the color pink AND that I love math!!! {...I might be the only person who gets excited about a calculator in their stocking...} I also got some pens and post-it notes for the organizer inside of me.

My mom found these cute sport ball ornaments sold together in a set and it was a perfect match for Paul and I. He loves golf and I love tennis. I love that we are slowing collecting more and more sentimental ornaments. I can't wait until these are hung on our future Christmas trees.

I was so anxious for Paul to open his present from me because I really didn't know if he was going to like it. I know that sounds bad, but I have a husband that has everything he needs and rarely tells me what he wants for Christmas. A few weeks ago, I realized that Paul's winter jacket had seen its best days in Rexburg and that he needed a new one. I bought him this one in hopes that he would love it. I guess a thumbs up means he does :) 

Paul gave me something that I've been wanting for a really long time. I got a 
I was sooo happy when I opened the first part of the present. I say first part because instead of just giving me everything neatly in one box, he separated the different parts {toothbrush, charging base, carrying case and replacement toothbrush heads} into FOUR boxes. It made the opening process so much more exciting. And just for your information, I take teeth-brushing very seriously. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

We hope everyone had a VERY MERRY Christmas :)


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