busy day.

Day 2:
Today was SUPER busy day. I had to work {clean someone's house} in the morning and I just got off my closing shift at Big 5...whew! I knew that today would be jammed packed full of stuff, so I planned for my daily DO-SOMETHING-CHRISTMAS to be cute, simple and fun. I wanted to get out some Christmas decorations and put them in our bedroom, but I quickly remembered that our Christmas stuff is in a box packed way away. So instead I found something else that would make do. I looked on pinterest and found some amazing Christmas printables and knew immediately that they would be a wonderful Christmas treat for all to see. I framed {...so lucky I found some extra frames laying around...} the printables, added a festive candle holder and strand of Christmas lights ANDDDDD there you have it folks...my cute, simple and fun Christmas decorations. 

{Printables found here and here.}

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