Wild Lights.

Day 17: Last night Paul and I went to see Wild Lights!!! It was really fun to walk through this awesome display of thousands of twinkling colored Christmas lights. There was also fun Christmas music playing so that made it so much better. This was a great way to celebrate the Christmas season and also a great way to spend a night with Paul. 
My pictures are pretty blurry, but I kind of like them :)

At Wild Lights, there was a main building you could go into to get warmed up and you could also get FREE hot chocolate!!! Along with the free hot chocolate, you could make your own mini gingerbread house. It was mainly for the kids, but Paul and I decided that it would be fun for us too. Well, I decorated my gingerbread house and lovedddd doing it. Meanwhile, Paul just ate the free candy and gingerbread house :)


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