December FIRST

The first day of December is finally here! HIP HIP HOORAY! I am always so excited for the month of Christmas {...and my birthday...} and this year I have decided to do something that will bring even more Christmas happiness into this wonderful season. It is kind of like an advent calendar BUT in blogging form. I am trying to do one thing each day to help me get ready for the holidays and spread the joy of Christmas AND THEN I'll blog about it :)

DAY 1: I decided that since I work in retail I needed some Christmas bling/jewelry to wear to work. I wanted to make some cutesy earrings so I went looking for some ideas online. I found this button Christmas tree ornament and I fell in love with it. I was so excited to re-create it, but making it into an earring NOT an ornament. It was relatively easy to make the earrings and the list of supplies is not that long. All you need is LOTS of  green buttons, a few brown buttons, star buttons, craft wire, silver fish hook earrings, and a good pair of pliers {I raided my husband's tool box}. I found all of the supplies at Jo-Ann's, with the exception of my mother-in-law letting me take a few buttons from her so I would have more of a selection. Once you decide what order you want the buttons in, just thread the wire through the buttons, secure the wire to the earring hook and you're good to go. You now have an awesome pair of earrings to wear to all your Christmas parties :)

{I love my new Christmas tree earrings!!!}

I was only going to make one pair of earring BUT I basically ran right into this second project. When I went to Jo-Ann's to stock up on green buttons, the Christmas light bulbs literally jumped out at me. They were so cute I just couldn't pass them up. I quickly saw that there was already a loop to attach the light to an earring hook so I made my way to the jewelry section of the store, picked out some GOLD earring hooks and with a good pair of pliers and a few good tugs I had myself THREE sets of Christmas light bulb earrings. I'm in Christmas earring heaven right now :)

{As you can tell, I got a little carried away editing this picture on picnik}



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