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{...I just had to get that off my chest...}

{...want to make your own Christmas mistletoe?? go here...}
Day 19: Over the weekend, I realized that there was a Christmas tragedy going on in my life. Okay, it wasn't really that bad BUT I felt I was missing out on a fun Christmas tradition. That tradition being...MISTLETOE!!! I think it finally dawned on me after hearing about 1,000 references to mistletoe in Christmas songs {thank you Big 5 Christmas music}. Anyway, I decided to remedy this tragic event as soon as I could. I looked on pinterest for different ideas about making homemade mistletoe and this is what I came up with. I love how it looks and I love that I now have the Christmas tradition of kissing under the mistletoe in my life...and Paul's :) Speaking of Paul, last night when I finished making the mistletoe, I told him that I was waiting for him underneath the mistletoe. He was in the other room and must have been doing something very important because he didn't come right away. I became kind of impatient so I left and went upstairs. About 10 minutes later I hear Paul running up the stairs and then he runs into the room that I am in with the mistletoe in hand, he holds it over my head and then kisses me. It was so cute. Looking back, I'm happy that he didn't come right away and I left and went upstairs because I just love the way it turned out.

Did I mention that Paul is so perfect for me? Well...he is :) 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Enough with the mushy gushy stuff. . .

Day 20: Today I made homemade Christmas stocking stuffers. Yes, I decided to help Santa do his job. All three things I made were really simple and didn't take much time so if you still need some last minute stocking stuffers hopefully this will help.

Ribbon Embellished Paper Clips: 
This project was easy peasy. All you need are some colored JUMBO paper clips and some self-adhesive ribbon {...which I didn't even know existed until this project...} Basically, just position the ribbon strand on the paper clip where you want it and then press the two ends of the ribbon strand together. I clipped the top of the ribbon just for fun. The ideas/themes behind this project are limitless! This is a perfect stocking stuffer for a teacher, someone who loves being organized or the reader who needs a bookmark :)

Magnetic Printables:
For this project, you need your favorite printable and a magnetic frame. Here are the quick and easy instructions...print, cut, and put in frame. I think everyone can do that :) I just love printables so much and I know that seeing inspiring quotes each day can uplift and comfort you. This is a great stocking stuffer for EVERYONE!!! Everyone needs a little quote on their fridge that they can see daily to help remind them of the joys in life. I found my printables here, here and last but definitely not least here. Ps. the dollar tree has magnetic frames.

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion: 
Of the three projects, this one was the most time consuming. I mostly used this tutorial to help me. The one thing that I did different was I filled my pin cushion with sand and not pillow stuffing. The reason I did this is because my mother-in-law told me that the sand will sharpen your pins each and every time you stick them in the cushion...and sharp pins is always a plus when you are sewing. Also, if you are going to use sand to fill your pin cushion, you need to iron on interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric before you sew. This will help your cushion not leak sand everywhere. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for all sewers...those just beginning to learn how to sew and those that have been sewing for years :)


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  1. Yay Em! You inspire me! Next year I will be awesome like you, but I might have to start in January hah! You've done so much! And I'm glad you liked my printable <3 I love that quote. AND I love the idea of putting sand in the pin cushion! Genius! Barackkkk!