Friday lunch date :)

Today was a very exciting day for me. I actually got to go into Garmin and have lunch with Paul. I was only able to go into the cafeteria and Paul had to be my "escort" the whole time I was there. Bahahaha. They have some pretty top notch security there I tell you what! And technically you are not allowed to have cameras on site BUT I just had to get some pictures of this major event in my life. Ohhhh and I felt like I was in high school again eating in a cafeteria :)

And in other news, I don't think it is ever going to stop raining here. Boohoo. That's all.



So first off, this post is way overdue...last week somehow got away from me all too fast. {That might have to do with the fact that I started the week with only 8 hours on the Big 5 schedule BUT I ended the week with a whopping 25 hours. It's been a lot of fun and also lots of hard work to get used to a new store. I'd say I'm adjusting well.}

Anyway, last week I had the experience of a lifetime as I sat among thousands of fans and watched Lady Antebellum perform LIVE. Now to make things even better, the opening acts for the concert were Thompson Square and Darius Rucker. Both were equally amazing. I could've gone home satisfied after just the opening acts that is how good they were.

I can't even put to words how amazing the concert was. There was so much talent and energy on the stage it was unbelievable. There were multiple times during the concert where I found myself just in awe of everything. I probably had one of those blank-stare-weirdo looks on my face. I'm so happy my sister-in-law got tickets to the show for her birthday and she invited me to come along :) Thanks Sharlee for having a birthday! I think we celebrated the best way ever.

Ps. I'll probably live in Oregon for the rest of my life, but I will always be a Virginian hillbilly at heart. I was born and raised below the Mason-Dixon line and I was taught that the only music is country music


March holidays.

Last week, Paul and I celebrated TWO very fun holidays!!! The first holiday was on March 14th {3.14} which is commonly known to the math world as PI DAY. It's one of those holidays that I get way too excited about because I love math so much. I think Paul was excited because he got to have pie everything for dinner.

I was able to experiment with two new recipes when I made the pies and I have to say I liked how they both turned out. We had a yummy chicken pot pie and a very delicious apple pie. I also tried out this new recipe for the pie crust.
Ohhhh and look closely at the left pie...you might see something special :)

We celebrated the more well known St. Patrick's day holiday on Saturday. Now that we live in Salem, we are a lot closer to some of Paul's extended family so we got to go to a family party where almost all the food was green. I just love fun holiday celebrations! And don't worry, Paul and I both wore green so we didn't get pinched.

ALSO, I was feeling crafty and I decided to make a super cute and edible gift for some of my wonderful family and friends :) I had seen an idea similar to this on pinterest, but I put my own spin on the creation. {Partly because I couldn't find what I was looking for at the store and partly because it's always fun to put your own personal touch into your crafts.} 


Sunday thoughts.

I think this video is cute, sweet, and very thought-provoking. 
This is a lesson that all of us can apply in our daily lives. Enjoy :)


Sister act :)

It all started with this picture. I was looking at it today and I realized that it hasn't even been a full month since I've seen these two and I already miss them like crazy. I have the best sisters in the world and I wouldn't trade them for anything :)

If we only lived a little closer that would be great! 
{Currently we live in THREE different states far far away from each other.}

Take a walk down memory lane with me why don't ya...



...and off to work he goes...

A good healthy breakfast to help him get through his first day...
...and with a lunch in his hand and a smile on his face, I'd say he's ready to go to work :)


First weekend in Salem.

Greetings from Salem, Oregon :) 

We have been in Salem for almost three days and we love it!!! It has been lots of fun to drive around the city and find out where everything is located. Ever since we arrived, we have been very busy doing all the standard "move-in" stuff. We have been unpacking boxes, organizing, going grocery shopping, and we even purchased a table so we don't have to eat dinner sitting on the floor. It has been great to spend this time with Paul because starting tomorrow he is going to be a hard working man.

We have a cute one-bedroom apartment that is close to downtown. It's in a perfect central location. And to make life even more sweet we live next to a HUGE park that is literally seconds away from our front door. The park has walking and biking trails, tennis courts, playground areas, and lots of trees, bushes, and flowers {and squirrels}. We have already been to the park twice and we know we will spend more time there to take advantage of all it has to offer. Summer needs to hurry up and get here!

I'd say that life is transitioning very smoothly and soon enough I will have a place for all our things in the apartment and I'll know my way around town :)