a post dedicated to Paul :)

At the end of November when I told Paul about what I wanted to do for the "25 days of Christmas"...he kind of rolled his eyes at me and told me I had too much Christmas spirit. Since then he has changed his mind a little and now he gets somewhat excited when he can do my daily Christmas activity with me. Sometimes he will just sit with me while I make a Christmas craft just to say that he was involved :) {Okay, that only happened once...but still...he's a great support} Over the last two days Paul and I have done the Christmas activity together and it has been so much fun. Life is super busy right now, so it was great to spend a little extra time with Paul!

Day 10: Yesterday, Paul and I helped cater the local fireman's Christmas dinner. This was a great Christmas activity because we were able to give service in our community AND we got to wear sweet red Christmas aprons. Paul says the best part about helping was eating the leftovers.

Day 11: Today I thought it would be a wonderful day to take our Christmas card photo. I'm trying to start the tradition of sending Christmas cards out early on in our marriage so it is something we continue to do in the coming years. Here's a little preview...some of you may see more of this :)

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  1. Love you guys! I'm so glad you're doing a Christmas card too! I felt like I was the only one without kids! We took our picture this weekend now I just have to get them out :] Barackkkkk