About Us

Paul is from Oregon and loves doing all things and everything related to fixing things. He will fix cars, bikes, computers, kitchen appliances and so on. You name it, he'll fix it. He also enjoys biking, golfing, and playing disc golf. He got his degree in Computer Science at Brigham Young University Idaho. While studying at BYU-I, he was a tutor for the computer science department. This was probably the best decision he made in his life because it led him to his wife. While Emily was busy trying to get a good grade in her computer class, he was busy doing everything in his power to win her heart. He succeed. Because of his awesome abilities, he just landed his dream job working for Garmin AT as an Aviation Software Engineer.

Emily was born and raised in Virginia. She loves life. Currently she spends her time being a full-time wifey, improving her sewing and craft skills, and trying to be a runner. She loves decorating and making things look pre She went to Brigham Young University Idaho where she studied Applied Mathematics. Over the next few years, she wants to obtain her Master of Arts in Teaching degree to help prepare her to become a high-school math teacher. Emily also loves spending time with Paul :)