{Day 7: I forgot how funny this movie was until I 
watched it two days ago!!! I love that there is SO 
much Christmas spirit throughout the entire movie!!! 
This movie definitely got me so excited for snow and 
Santa and all the other little things that Christmas brings.}

{Day 8: Who doesn't LOVE Christmas pom-pom garland?? 
When I found these Christmas colored pom-pom's at Michael's 
for way cheap and I knew exactly what I wanted to make. This is 
such a quick and easy Christmas craft :) Just one more Christmas
decoration to make our bedroom look super festive!}

{Day 9: Tonight I am wrapping some presents and
hopefully making some presents. In case you didn't already
know...I love wrapping presents and I also love making
presents. I think I'm going to call today a "ketchup" day...
I've been very busy lately so it's good to have
some time to catch up on things.}

ps. I got the best Christmas present in the world today. 
I got pulled over for speeding {...I know, I know...} 
and Officer Willis decided to give me a warning and NOT a ticket. 

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  1. Hello my sweet, sweet Emily! (and Paul of course) I just took time to read your blog, I love it!!! You are a fantastic blogger and I look forward to seeing more and more. Love you!!! Grandma Patti