oh Christmas tree :)

Day 3: I had never had the experience to actually go "hunting" for a Christmas tree in the woods. Well, I will never get to say that again because today that is exactly what we did. We {my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, Paul, and myself} drove up to the top of a mountain to find our Christmas tree. It was so much fun to walk around trying to find that one of a kind tree just for us. There were lots to choose from, and I mean LOTS! 

After looking around a bit, we finally picked out the perfect tree. This is when the boys got to show off their muscles and use a hand saw to cut down the tree. Since this was a first for me, they let me help with the cutting a little bit...until they realized that I wasn't making any progress and I gladly turned the job back over to them. After cutting it down, all we had to do was drag it to the truck, put it in the truck and drive home. It was such a neat experience and something I definitely recommend :)  

Now the only thing left to do is decorate the tree!!!

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  1. That is my FAVORITE! Sadly my family just uses a fake one now, but someday it will be my own family tradition :) Your pictures are CUTE!