It's Christmas Eve.

The past four days have gone by really, really fast.
My mom has been visiting and it is so much fun having her here.
Here is a quick review of what we have done.

Day 21: My mom and I made yummy treats to share with our friends and family.
This is the perfect combination of salty and sweet :)
Learn how to make this really simple treat here.

Day 22: I helped mom make her annual Christmas tree ornament.
I have really missed doing crafts with my mom so this was great.
We got a little crazy with the glitter glue and mod podge.

Day 23: We {Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Paul, Mom and I} went Christmas caroling.
This was such a wonderful way to spread the joy of the Christmas season.
Caroling was a really special activity and I'm so happy that we made some people smile.

The Gould's have a tradition of making homemade pizza on Christmas Eve.
I decided to keep with the tradition, but put a little twist on it.
It was very tasty and yummy :)
And it's supposed to look like a Christmas tree just in case you couldn't figure that out.

ps. Paul surprised me with the FUNNIEST AND CUTEST birthday present ever.
More details about that and other birthday events coming soon.
Let's just get through Christmas first...



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