Christmas time is {almost} here.

So sorry for lacking in the blog post department. I know my blog audience {Priscila} really misses me when I don't post :) I've been so so so busy lately, especially with work. 'Tis the season for a busy life if you work in retail. Christmas is a week away and I am really excited. I'm excited because I love Christmas and I'm excited because after Christmas I will be able to get back to a regular schedule...well at least at work :)

...the 25 Days of Christmas continues...

{Day 12: Christmas nails}
{Day 13: Christmas Cards #1}
{Day 14: Christmas cookies}
{Day 15: Christmas Cards #2}
{Day 16: Christmas Packages}

Stay tuned for tomorrows post about Wild Lights. We are going tonight and I am so ready to see the awesome and amazing Christmas Light Display :)


  1. Those cookies look so yummy and I love your festive nail polish!

    Liesl :)

  2. bahahaha! Love that you recognized me as your blog audience, hope I haven't gotten to stalker status! YAY CHRISTMAS! Barackkkkk

  3. I love your blog Emily, I have just been catching up on your posts. You are a great blogger, I can't keep up with you! Love the Christmas card pic. :)