best husband award.

This past week was SUPER busy for me. I was either busy at work, busy applying to grad school/studying for tests I have to pass to get into grad school, busy at the high school, or busy writing math class lesson plans for my high schoolers. I taught TWO lessons this week and I am beginning to fall more and more in love with the idea of being a math teacher :)

On Wednesday, I came home from volunteering at the high school and found THIS:

Isn't this a beautiful sight to see?? I sure thought so...it was the best surprise ever. Paul had spent 5 hours riding around on his bike pulling a trailer and collecting cans. I had no idea that he was even planning to do this.  It made me so happy to think that he wanted to spend his day collecting cans for us. He sure knows how to help me make my dreams come true. 

I can't wait to join him on the next can collecting adventure!!!

{FYI - We have a rule that when we collect cans we have to either walk or bike. We don't want to drive because then when the day is over we feel like we haven't saved any money because the cans that we collect go towards our empty gas tank.} 


over the weekend...

Paul and I went on a little date :) Well, maybe little is an understatement because compared to our normal watch-a-movie-in-bed date this was a pretty grandioso date. I mean we actually put on nice clothes and went out in public.  {teeheehee}

First, we turned in all the cans that we have collected so far to see how much money we have made for our California trip!!! We still have a long way to go but it was so much fun to figure out the exact amount of cans that we have collected. The total so far is 161 cans. And yes, you better believe I am going to keep track of every single can that we collect!

Next, we went to the theaters to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I love the movie Beauty and Beast so much and seeing it in 3D was amazing. I know Paul would've most definitely picked a different movie so I was very grateful that he was a good sport and let me relive my childhood :) When the movie was over, Paul did tell me that it was a good story-line and he was happy he went. Ps...I totally cried during the scene when Belle and the Beast are dancing in the ballroom. It's my favorite part!

Lastly, we went to the local Greek Restaurant to eat some yummy food. I had never had Greek food before so I was in for a big surprise. Overall, the food was very tasty and I now know what Tzatziki and Baklava taste like. 
It was a really, really, really fun date :) Thanks Paul!!!


party treats!!!

Yesterday, my mother-in-law and I hosted a Stampin' Up party. It was really fun and we got to make these two adorable cards. The fun part about hosting a party is that you get to make yummy treats for everyone. I was so excited to use some new {and old} recipes and I was so happy that everything turned out great :) 

I made the snowflake cupcakes in hopes that it would snow and guess what...it snowed today. I am now officially replacing my snow dance with making snowflake cupcakes. We'll see if it works. The m&m pretzel treats are always a party favorite and so easy to make so I had to include them. I love that you can make these for any holiday or themed party. And the fruit salsa with baked cinnamon chips was for all the people who have NOT yet broken their new year's resolution {unlike me}. The party was a huge success and I would totally suggest making all these goodies for your next party!!! 


Cans for California.

Paul and I want to go on a trip to California. We have some friends that we would LOVE to visit and we would also LOVE to go to Yosemite National Park and I've always wanted to go to San Francisco {it's on my bucket list}. We have been talking about this for quite a while, but we can't seem to let ourselves just go on a trip when we need money for grad school and other important things. So we came up with a plan to save and earn some extra cash for our fun California adventure. 

One idea we came up with was to collect cans. Here in Oregon, you get a 5 cent deposit for every can you turn in. Paul and I don't really drink soda, so we knew we would have to go out and find cans in order to actually make our dream California trip a reality. And let me tell you...it's crazy how many cans you find just lying on the side of the road. Whenever we go on a walk around town we always find so many cans. We have learned to bring a bag or something to put the cans in. 

So today, I went on my normal walk. Paul wanted to come with me, but he was in the middle of something so I told him to meet me at my halfway mark. While I was walking by myself, I collected about 8 cans and a couple bottles. I was feeling pretty successful and happy that I had found a fair amount of cans. Paul joined me and we continued walking. We started talking about what our goal should be as to how many cans we collect each week. I figured we needed a goal so we could have something to work towards. My idea was that we should try to get 100 cans a week which would equal about five dollars. So in a month, we would have at least $20 saved up for our trip. Paul immediately thought that 100 cans was just TOO many for a goal. Then, I think I gave him a lecture about having a positive attitude because he needed one. HAHAHA. 

Anyway, not more than three minutes later we basically walked into a can goldmine. On the side of the road, in the blackberry bushes, we found about 40 cans. I was so amazed and slightly confused as to why some people would just leave that many cans there in plain sight. Well that might have to do with the fact that the cans we found were beer cans so the people might have been intoxicated and not thinking correctly. As I said earlier...all of the cans that we could see were in blackberry bushes. So the hard part was getting all the cans out of the bushes. If you are not familiar with blackberry bushes, I will just come out and tell you that they have lots and lots of thorns on them. Thorns that poke you and hurt you. Paul was such a trooper and he basically bushwhacked his way into the bushes and got all the hard-to-reach cans. He's the best!!! My job was to get the cans on the perimeter of the bushes. We each had a stick to help us with this process. Maybe now we'll have to bring a stick with us on our walks...in addition to our bag :)

It was truly AMAZING to find that many cans in one spot. I think this is a very good sign for how many cans we will collect in the upcoming weeks. I have been thinking a lot about what we are doing and I have come up with three good things about collecting cans. One, I think we will enjoy our trip to California so much more knowing that we spent time collecting cans to save up some extra money. Two, it is really fun spending time with Paul as we go on walks and find cans. It is such a great thing to have a common goal that we can work on together. And three, {for all you go green people out there} we feel like we are doing our part in keeping the earth clean. When we are out picking up cans, we always pick up trash too.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

And can I just mention that Paul and I are both wearing SHORTS in this picture. The past few weeks have definitely felt more like summer than winter. I wonder when the snow and cold temperatures are going to come and pay us a visit?


A fresh start.

Okay, so I have something to confess...something very silly that is. The new year was very sneaky and arrived without giving me any time to think about my new year's resolutions. That is no bueno. So today I finally was able to think about what goals I want to tackle in the upcoming year and I'm writing them down so I will be accountable for them. 

  • I want to be more healthy {both in nutrition and fitness}. 
  • I want to be more organized {a place for everything and everything in its place}. 
  • I want to be more spiritual {spend time in the scriptures and on my knees in prayer}. 
  • I want to be crafty {ohhh what fun things I can make}. 
  • I want to be smart {a.k.a. get into grad school} 
  • I want to also be money-minded {figure out how to pay for said grad school} 
  • AND LAST, just be happy :) 

Now that I have my goals all ready to go, I have changed the clock in my brain to think that tomorrow is January 1st, 2012. Tomorrow is my HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I can't wait for a fresh start :)


2011 - A Year in Review

January: Started our last {and hardest} semester at BYU-Idaho. We earned the title Uncle Paul and Aunt Emily as we welcomed Jaxson Thomas Morris into the world. Rexburg had lots and lots of snow. I learned how to sew and finished my first sewing project; which was a pillowcase.
February: MORE SNOW. We celebrated our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. Paul got me a set of pink golf clubs and in return I agreed to learn how to play golf so Paul would always have a golf partner. 
{Sounds like a fair trade to me!}
March: Lots and lots and lots and lots of homework. I won a free Jamba Juice gift card for getting the Sudoku puzzle right in The Scroll {University Newspaper}. A week later, Paul won a gift card as well for the same thing. Let's just say...we went to Jamba Juice a lot. We both successfully finished our Senior Projects AND I got picked to participate in the Student Research Conference :)
April: We graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Happiest day of the year.Paul got his degree in Computer Science and I got my degree in Applied Mathematics {with a minor in Music}. The rest of April was spent relaxing. We felt like we deserved it.
May: Paul was a volunteer coach for the Ashton High School track team. I spent lots of time working at Big 5 Sporting Goods. We went to Alex and Bronwyn's Wedding :) Paul started to give me golf lessons. These were pretty funny to begin with, just ask Paul. 
June: We traveled to Oregon for Greg's {Paul's brother} Graduation. Paul and I continued to play lots of golf. Paul got a job offer in Texas. We decided Texas wasn't for us. I discovered Pinterest and have been addicted ever since.
July: I got to go to the circus with Holly and loved every minute of it!!! I went to Tennessee to visit Jeanette :) BEST REUNION EVER!!! Paul joined me on the east coast for Nathan and Moriah's wedding in Virginia. I was able to see lots of my friends from high school. Then we traveled to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine to visit my mom's side of the family. 
August: Went to the UP! house. We celebrated our 1st anniversary :) Rigby lake with Holly...and lots of other places with Holly. Skype call with the Priscila and Nick Jensen. Spent the rest of the month packing and getting ready to move. Goodbye Idaho, Hello Oregon.
September: We moved all our stuff into Paul's parents house just in time to go back to Idaho and drop Paul's sister off at school. Got to see Kate Halling and Jenny Keele :) On the way back to Oregon, we went to Washington to visit Paul's brother. I was able to transfer to a new Big 5 store and continue working.
October: Paul got a Job! AND he turned 27. I decided that it was time for me to start a blog for real {like actually add posts}. I realized that it was a good thing to write down life's happenings and take pictures to remember special occasions.
November: I finally was able to pass the test to get my Oregon Driver's License. We had a surprise visit from my Dad. Lots of laughter and disc golf with him. Celebrated Thanksgiving with Paul's family. I got the privilege of working at 4:45 AM on Black Friday.
December: I decided to blog my 25 days of Christmas. Went hunting for a Christmas tree. I worked crazy hours in retail for the holidays. My mom came to visit for my birthday and Christmas. Paul surprised me with the most thoughtful birthday present ever. We had a great Christmas and a now it's time for the new year :)