party treats!!!

Yesterday, my mother-in-law and I hosted a Stampin' Up party. It was really fun and we got to make these two adorable cards. The fun part about hosting a party is that you get to make yummy treats for everyone. I was so excited to use some new {and old} recipes and I was so happy that everything turned out great :) 

I made the snowflake cupcakes in hopes that it would snow and guess what...it snowed today. I am now officially replacing my snow dance with making snowflake cupcakes. We'll see if it works. The m&m pretzel treats are always a party favorite and so easy to make so I had to include them. I love that you can make these for any holiday or themed party. And the fruit salsa with baked cinnamon chips was for all the people who have NOT yet broken their new year's resolution {unlike me}. The party was a huge success and I would totally suggest making all these goodies for your next party!!! 

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  1. How fun! Those cupcakes look amazing! Barackkkk!