best husband award.

This past week was SUPER busy for me. I was either busy at work, busy applying to grad school/studying for tests I have to pass to get into grad school, busy at the high school, or busy writing math class lesson plans for my high schoolers. I taught TWO lessons this week and I am beginning to fall more and more in love with the idea of being a math teacher :)

On Wednesday, I came home from volunteering at the high school and found THIS:

Isn't this a beautiful sight to see?? I sure thought so...it was the best surprise ever. Paul had spent 5 hours riding around on his bike pulling a trailer and collecting cans. I had no idea that he was even planning to do this.  It made me so happy to think that he wanted to spend his day collecting cans for us. He sure knows how to help me make my dreams come true. 

I can't wait to join him on the next can collecting adventure!!!

{FYI - We have a rule that when we collect cans we have to either walk or bike. We don't want to drive because then when the day is over we feel like we haven't saved any money because the cans that we collect go towards our empty gas tank.} 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Go Paul!!! That is amazing! I can see us having a wonderful time together here in CA already :) Barackkkkk!