happy {late} birthday paul!!!

The whole reason your husband has a birthday is so that you can give him lots of gifts, right? RIGHT! I was so excited for Paul's birthday this year because I had a few ideas that would make him feel loved and because I just LOVE birthdays!!! :)

My first present to Paul was a romantic-mushy-gushy-type present. Paul was turning 27 so to make him feel extra special I typed up 27 things I love about him and printed them on small cards. I woke up really early that morning and hung the little cards on the wall in our room. He was very surprised when he woke up and loved reading them. Some of the things were funny and the other things were sentimental, a perfect mix of things I love about my best friend.

My real birthday present for Paul was something that he had wanted for a long time. Ever since we had played the game Bocce with my mom's family, he had wanted a set for us so we could play. My mom and I both knew this so we split the cost for the game. This was awesome because we were able to get the better quality {higher-priced} one and not spend a lot of money on separate gifts. I was able to find the game at my favorite store Big 5 Sporting Goods :) I made him guess what is was before opening it so that explains the confused look in the picture AND I wrapped it in newspaper because that's how Paul wraps all my presents.

The hammer was from his dad. A few days earlier, Paul broke his hammer so he needed a new one. His dad gave him a practical present and I gave him a fun present. Paul is both practical and fun so he loved both presents.

Lastly I made him a birthday cake!!! He usually likes carrot cake but he said he didn't care what kind of cake he got this year so I was able to try something new. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to experiment and make this lemon-blueberry layer cake. We didn't have 27 candles so we {his mom and I} improvised and decorated the cake with the left over blueberries. It was so yummy and rich AND we had leftovers for about a week.

{...he didn't know how to cut our wedding cake either...}

I love you Paul!!!


  1. You are so cute! What you did for your husband was so nice. You guys look happy!



    Emily you are such a sweetheart!! :)