contacts and mascara.

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You always realize what you take for granted in life when all of a sudden you cannot use those things or you don't have those things anymore. This happened to me this week in regards to my contacts and mascara. For the past three days, I have had a stye on my right eyelid. I get styes every once in a while mostly due to lack of sleep so I have done my research and know how to take care of them and get rid of them as fast as possible because they hurt a lot. One thing that I can't use when I have a stye is my contacts. Instead I have to wear my glasses. I am grateful for my glasses because if I didn't have them I would basically be blind, but I prefer my contacts. The other thing I can't wear is mascara. I'm not a girl that has to wear makeup all the time, but I do like to look presentable {especially at work} and mascara makes my eyes look better and so much more awake. So please forgive me Big 5 Sporting Goods for looking 'sleepy' these past few days at work. THE GOOD NEWS IS I CAN FEEL MY STYE GETTING BETTER. HOORAY! It used to hurt all the time, but now it only hurts when I close my eye. I think by tomorrow my eye will be stye-free :) 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and to end this post on a happy note: I am grateful for my glasses and contacts and mascara. I am also so grateful for my vision. I know I don't have perfect vision BUT I can still see. Every day I am able to see magnificent things and recognize the beauty of the earth. Even in the morning when I'm waking up and not wearing my glasses or contacts, I can see a very blurry husband smiling at me. That makes me happy!


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