happy birthday X 2.

Today is a very important day in the lives of TWO people who I love very much.

Sonya Mansfield Morris was born 18 years ago!!! I can't believe that my baby sister has grown up so fast. It has been so much fun to be her older sister. I love having deep and meaningful conversations with her AND I also love laughing with her until we are both going to pee our pants. It has been a great experience to talk with her about the gospel and I am so grateful that she loves being a member of the church. She is so talented with singing, playing the piano and acting and I am so so SO proud of her!!! Lately, she has been coming to me with questions on how to apply for college and it is so fun to help her through this exciting time in her life. She is a person that understands me completely and knows how to help me in difficult situations. I am so lucky to have her as a sister :)

On November 9, 1986 my best friend was born. Kathryn Ashley Flanary is basically my twin because we have so many similarities. We talk the same, we act the same and we even have the same handwriting :) I love spending time with Katie. She is the one person that probably knows everything, and I mean everything, about me. I am so grateful that we have stayed the very best of friends even though we live on opposite coasts. Some of my favorite memories include going Vera shopping with her, food lion visits, watching Jeopardy with her and actually playing along {yes, we keep score} and having sleepovers with her and staying up all night talking. She teaches fourth grade now and I am so jealous of her students because they have the best teacher in the world. 



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