California || Yosemite

Well folks, it's time to play catch-up. Ready, set and GO!

The first stop on our California trip was Yosemite National Park. We were so excited for a little summer vacation, not to mention some California sun! As soon as we got to Yosemite National Park we were blown away at how amazing and huge everything looked. We quickly got the map out and decided what sites we wanted to explore because we were only going to be there for about 24 hours total...and that included sleeping time too. We wanted to make every minute a memory :)

Day 1: First we hiked to Vernal Falls...which felt great after sitting for MANY hours in the car. Then we explored Yosemite Village and took way too many pictures. Next, we stopped at 'Tunnel View' for a spectacular view of Half Dome, El Capitan and Bridal Veil Falls. Lastly, we finished the day having a picnic dinner as we watched the sunset at Glacier Point.

{I just had to include this next picture...we knew we were going to get to our campsite really late and after quiet hours, so we decided to fill up our air mattresses a few miles down the road. This is how we had to drive those last few miles. It was such a funny experience!!! And we can't forget the fact that we had to set up our tent in the dark.}

Day 2: First things first, we took a picture with the sign {somehow we missed it on the first day}. Then we went to the Tuolumne Grove of giant sequoias and saw GINORMOUS trees...we're talking 30 feet in diameter! After that we stopped at Olmsted Point to get one last look back into Yosemite Valley. We had lunch at Tenaya Lake, drove through Tuolumne Meadows and then made the steep descent out the east side of the park towards our next destination.

Yosemite National Park is a must-see if you ever travel to California!!!

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  1. So, I had tried to comment from my phone the day you posted this, but it didn't work :( I love all your pictures! Nick and I will have to go to Yosemite some time. I haven't been since I was little. I love how well you guys plan and are so considerate to others with the air mattress thing haha. I have much to learn from you. Barackkkkk!