California || Ridgecrest

After a fun 24 hours in Yosemite, we made our way to Ridgecrest, California to visit Josh, Mindy, Emily, Aubrey, Olivia and Ellie. When we got there all four girls were looking out the window waiting for our arrival. We had not seen the Rowley family in over two years so it was wonderful to visit with them and to see how much the girls had grown! Josh and Mindy quickly informed us that there was not much to do in Ridgecrest and that we had come during the hottest part of the year. After some talking about things we could do, we had a good plan for the next day and I was so excited to do some more exploring in California!!!

The next day we made our way out into the desert to find the William Henry "Burro" Schmidt tunnel. Let's just say, getting there was half the fun. We were on dirt/sand roads with jack rabbits jumping around and we might have gotten lost a few times, but we finally made it to the tunnel. Once we got there we were ready with flashlights and headlamps to see what this tunnel was all about. It was crazy to think that someone spent 38 years hand digging the tunnel. It was pretty remarkable. We were happy that it was cold inside the tunnel because it was definitely HOT outside!!!

After we got back from our trip to the tunnel, it was the middle of the day and it was still HOT! We decided that the rest of the day was going to be a spent playing water games. Mindy had found some really great activities on Pinterest that involved getting wet. The first activity we did was put shaving cream on a tarp and then we used it as a slip 'n slide. It was the best slip 'n slide ever! {Seriously, I have never fallen down so much sliding around on a tarp.} We also made some water bombs out of sponges that were lots of fun to play with and get wet with. They also had a pool so that made the water play day even better. The boys were out on a 'field-trip' to Joshy's work so while they were gone the girls planned a sneak attack for when they got home. We each had a specific task to get the boys wet!!! I think they were onto us because as soon as they got home and we were like "come outside and look at our fun water games", but they played along and got wet and we all had a really enjoyable time. Olivia was trying so hard to get Paul all wet! It was so funny because she chased him around the yard for probably 10 minutes straight!

It was an awesome day spent with some great friends. We were so happy that we were able to visit the Rowley's on our trip. Plus, we managed to stay somewhat cool despite the three digit temps out in the desert!

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  1. I'm loving catching up on all your awesome posts! Barackkkk! P.S. Come back to California :D