Valentine's day layover.

Most people would hate to look at their flight itinerary and realize that they have a FOUR hour layover at the airport while traveling. Usually I am like most people. I like to get from point A to point B as quick as possible, but not this time. I am so happy that I had the chance to be in Salt Lake City with just enough time to leave the airport and spend time with one of my favorite people...Jeanette Alice Travis. What made the day even more special was that it was Valentine's day. In my opinion, if you can't see your husband on Valentine's day, your best friend is a good substitute :) It was so great to catch up, swap life stories and of course laugh together {it's what we do best}. Jeanette surprised me by wearing her "maid-of-honor" dress. She wanted to remind me of that special day back in August of 2010. She gave me a valentine too. She is the best valentine ever!!! We had fun at Wendy's seeing all the cute old couples out to lunch on Valentine's day and we also got to witness some crazy dumpster diving. As she was dropping me back off at the airport, I was hoping that somehow I wouldn't make it back through security because then I would have to stay with her longer!!!


  1. How FUN! I have found myself on many long layovers, but never left the airport...love that you did and got to enjoy your time with a friend! Cute pictures!!! :)

  2. This post makes me happy :) MISS YOU TWO!!