Saturday golf lessons.

Paul and I had lots of fun on Saturday hitting golf balls down at the high school soccer fields. It's way better than going to a golf course in my opinion. All you have to do is just hit the golf ball and watch how far it goes...not trying to make it go into a tiny hole. It's a great time for me to practice my oh so wonderful golf swing. Paul already has his swing down pat :) 

One of the first things I learned about Paul when we started dating was that he LOVES golf. Whether he is playing the game on a golf course or hitting practice shots down at the soccer field or just watching it on TV...he loves it so much!!! Last year for Valentine's day he bought me a cute pink golf club set so I could learn to play golf and so he could always have a golfing partner. I didn't mind because I love the color pink and I think it's fun to try new things. It has been fun {and a little frustrating} over the past year as I have learned to play golf. It was also fun to have one-on-one golf lessons with Paul.


This year, Valentine's day is going to be a little different. On Tuesday, I'm flying to Virginia for a whole week for my little sister's musical and Paul is staying here in Oregon. We decided that it's definitely cheaper for just one person to fly. I'm really sad that we won't be together but I'm so happy that we were able to celebrate Valentine's day early by spending time together over the weekend when we were hitting golf balls. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Tonight, we had Family Home Evening and Paul's dad gave a lesson about love. It was very appropriate seeing as Valentine's day is coming up. During the lesson he had us write down characteristics and abilities of our spouse. I thought it would be fun to share the lists that Paul and I made. And it's good to write this kind of stuff down so it's recorded for memory's sake.

Emily: forgiving, smiley, responsible, 
good seamstress skills, social, smart, 
cute and sensitive, crafty, finds good deals with coupons, 
goal-oriented, family-oriented, and organized.

Paul: really Smart, always wants to cheer me up when I'm sad,
fixer-upper handy man, works hard, service-oriented, 
worthy priesthood holder, funny, good listener, good singer, 
loves his family and me, and forgiving.

Happy day of love y'all :)

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  1. Have fun in Virginia! I love your pink golf clubs! And those lists were so cute! Barackkkk!