What we've been up to...

So this fall we have been busy, busy, busy! 
Mostly we have just been doing the mundane daily things that you have to do to stay alive. 
I won't bore you with those stories...although, some of those you would find hilarious. 
Here are some highlights that have happened over the last few months.

Going way back to the end of September, I was able to become a color runner :) The 5K Color Run race was held in Portland and it was so much fun!!! I was so excited for this happy and colorful race and let me tell you, the energy at the event was so intense. Paul was an awesome cheerleader and great support. He was running all over the course to cheer for me at different spots during the race. He probably ran more than me on that day.

Next big thing was Paul's birthday. He turned 28 and we celebrated with a round of putt-putt golf, going out to dinner and then presents and cake pumpkin bread at home. He would only let me put three candles on the bread that was pretending to be his birthday cake. He is a silly boy. The whole day was pretty low key but that's how he likes things.

Last thing, our eventful trip to the fake pumpkin patch. We were so excited to go to the REAL Pumpkin Patch but surprise, surprise it was raining the only Saturday we had open so we did the next best thing. We pretended like we were going to the Pumpkin Patch, but we really went to the Winco grocery store pumpkin patch :) You have to be creative when you live somewhere where it rains all the time!

It's now time for my favorite holiday ever...CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. I love all your pictures! The color run looks like so much fun. It's so cute that Paul was running around and cheering in different spots! What a good husband! Barackkkkkk!