California || San Francisco

On our two-year anniversary, we spent most the day driving from Southern California up to Northern California...San Francisco to be more exact. Not the funnest way to spend the day, but then again we did drive cross-country for our honeymoon so we are totally used to it. Before we drove the final few miles into downtown San Fran we stopped at the LDS Oakland temple to watch the sunset and think back to our special wedding day! I'm very happy that I made the decision to be married to Paul forever :) 

Okay, I'll quit boring you with the 'lovey dovey' stuff and make this post live up to its title! Ever since I can remember I have wanted to visit San Francisco. I have seen it in tv shows, the movies and on the news and it's been calling my name for about let's just say 15 years! Not only was visiting the city a bucket list item for me to complete, but I actually had specific things I wanted to do to make this bucket list item a dream come true! And now, the list...

#1. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

#2. Ride a Cable Car.

#3. Visit Ghirardelli Square.

#4. Drive down Lombard Street.

We also did a ton of other stuff not on my bucket list and took a bunch of pictures and most importantly, we had FUN.
I still get all happy inside as I look at all the pictures. San Francisco was all that I expected and more.

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  1. I got to go to San Fran for an art trip thru BYU-I and I LOVED IT!! Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back! Glad you got to check a bunch of stuff off your bucket list!! Happy Two Years!!