TrackTown USA.

Did you know that the road to the London Olympics for the track and field participants runs through Eugene, Oregon?? Well I didn't know this fun fact until Paul had bought us tickets. How awesome is that?? :) Paul and his family had gone to the Olympic trials before but for me it was my first time. Let me tell you, the trials were so incredible! We were able to see a lot of different events that displayed so many amazing athletes. These included running races {200m, 1500m, 5000m}, 400m hurdles, shot put, discus throw, triple jump, high jump, 3000m steeplechase and pole vault. Take a look at some of the moments I captured... 

Towards the end of the day they had the athletes that had already earned a spot on the Olympic team come out in their official Team USA uniform. I got chills just watching them run around the track. It was so exciting to see some of the people that will represent our country in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Who else is super excited about the Olympics?? GO TEAM USA!!!

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  1. Awesome, this looks so fun! I love track meets and it must be amazing to see one at an olympic level! I am excited for the olympics! Barackkkkkk!