July Recap...

Well, I decided to make the month complete by writing a little blog post. Yes, we are still alive as you can clearly see in the picture {just in case you were worried}. And yes, we have been very busy with...um what's the word...oh yeah, LIFE! 

July has been filled with lots of hours at work for both of us, a birthday visit from my dad, triathlon training, a temple date, apartment decorating and we can't forget these last few nights of staying up WAY past our bedtime to watch the Olympics!!! Go Team USA :) I was unable to participate in the triathlon due to me getting sick the week of the race, but I am better now and there will be a special triathlon just for me in the coming months. More on that later. Oh and one last thing...

We leave for our California trip tomorrow and we are so excited!!! 

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  1. We are so excited to see the two of you! Drive safe & have fun!! Barackkkk!