March holidays.

Last week, Paul and I celebrated TWO very fun holidays!!! The first holiday was on March 14th {3.14} which is commonly known to the math world as PI DAY. It's one of those holidays that I get way too excited about because I love math so much. I think Paul was excited because he got to have pie everything for dinner.

I was able to experiment with two new recipes when I made the pies and I have to say I liked how they both turned out. We had a yummy chicken pot pie and a very delicious apple pie. I also tried out this new recipe for the pie crust.
Ohhhh and look closely at the left pie...you might see something special :)

We celebrated the more well known St. Patrick's day holiday on Saturday. Now that we live in Salem, we are a lot closer to some of Paul's extended family so we got to go to a family party where almost all the food was green. I just love fun holiday celebrations! And don't worry, Paul and I both wore green so we didn't get pinched.

ALSO, I was feeling crafty and I decided to make a super cute and edible gift for some of my wonderful family and friends :) I had seen an idea similar to this on pinterest, but I put my own spin on the creation. {Partly because I couldn't find what I was looking for at the store and partly because it's always fun to put your own personal touch into your crafts.} 

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  1. Oh my goodness Emily, you are so fun! I always pin stuff like this on pinterest but I never actually do them :/ time to change that! You're my inspiration! Barackkkkk!