First weekend in Salem.

Greetings from Salem, Oregon :) 

We have been in Salem for almost three days and we love it!!! It has been lots of fun to drive around the city and find out where everything is located. Ever since we arrived, we have been very busy doing all the standard "move-in" stuff. We have been unpacking boxes, organizing, going grocery shopping, and we even purchased a table so we don't have to eat dinner sitting on the floor. It has been great to spend this time with Paul because starting tomorrow he is going to be a hard working man.

We have a cute one-bedroom apartment that is close to downtown. It's in a perfect central location. And to make life even more sweet we live next to a HUGE park that is literally seconds away from our front door. The park has walking and biking trails, tennis courts, playground areas, and lots of trees, bushes, and flowers {and squirrels}. We have already been to the park twice and we know we will spend more time there to take advantage of all it has to offer. Summer needs to hurry up and get here!

I'd say that life is transitioning very smoothly and soon enough I will have a place for all our things in the apartment and I'll know my way around town :)


  1. Emily ~ I hope you have the best week EVER! You are rich with TIME, enjoy spending it <3

  2. Emily! I'm so glad you are all moved in and loving it! The park looks beautiful and I loved your mention of squirrels. Were they flying squirrels by chance?? hah! Good luck on your first day of work Paul!