Poor Paul...

For the past SIX {or more} months, there has been a pile of Paul's clothing sitting next to my sewing machine. All of these clothes either need to be patched, hemmed or are missing a button. Really, if you think about it, they are all relatively 'quick' fixes but somehow I always have let other things get in the way of me spending just a small amount of time mending my husband's clothing. Last Sunday, Paul wanted to wear his favorite short sleeve shirt to church and he asked me if it was fixed and I embarrassingly had to say no. I finally realized that it was time to take care of the pile...something that was WAY overdue! 

Paul was SO happy when I told him that everything was mended and ready to be worn again. He now has THREE more pairs of pants that he can wear to work, a pair of shorts for the summer months, his 'working-on-vehicles-and-bicycles' pants don't have holes in them anymore, he can finally wear his short sleeve shirt to church, AND his dearly loved pajama pants are fixed!!!

Here is a side note about Paul's pajama pants: He absolutely loves these PJ pants and was so sad when they ripped and got a huge hole in the knee. I told him that I would love to use my sewing skills and make him a new pair of pajama pants. He said that he would rather have me fix the pair he already had {that's how much he loves them}. So here's how they turned out with a patch over the knee. I took the privilege of personalizing them so everyone would know that they belong to him. Sometimes I feel like I treat my husband like a five-year-old child :) I think he is happy to have his favorite pajama pants back in his life!

Another side note: I used this helpful blog for instructions on hemming Paul's pants. Very fast and easy.  


  1. this made me laugh! i have a growing pile of christian's suit pants that needed to be taken out and lengthened and i haven't done them in forever! i finally did one pair on wednesday and told him i needed to take a break! ha ha.

  2. cuuute! i need to acquire some sweet sewing skills.

    1. well seeing as we live close we could probably plan a sewing day :)

  3. What a good wife you are! Those pajamas look great! Barackkkkkk!

  4. You inspire me Emily! (you've seen my PILE to be sewn) <3