how it all got started...

These first few posts are going to be "catch-up" posts. I have been wanting to start a blog for quite awhile and NOW I am finally finding the time to do it. I thought it would good for the readers to know how this whole thing got started. 

Paul and I met at the start of winter semester in 2009 however we didn't start dating until five months later. Paul tells me that he liked me right away and for me it was about halfway through the semester when I found out I was developing a little BIG crush on Paul :)

Instead of boring you with our how-we-fell-in-love story, I will share a poem that I wrote for Paul while we were dating/almost engaged. I had a lot of fun thinking of good rhyming words when I was writing it. ENJOY!

You started out as just my tutor.
Teaching me things about the computer.
Every tuesday in the linux lab we would meet.
Assignments and projects we had to complete.

You always gave me perfect instruction.
About the rules of computer program construction.
You taught me about arrays and pseudocode.
All the new information made my head want to explode.

I asked you to devotional, you said yes.
By that time I knew I liked you…but I didn’t confess.
That was the day my wish came true.
And I loved every minute I spent with you.

You walked me home that night.
Being a gentleman and it was OH SO polite.
You let me wear your jacket because the weather was yucky.
All I could think was “How did I get so lucky!”.

The racquetball date was loads of fun.
Even though you beat me when it was all said and done.
I’m so very happy I accepted your date request.
And I’m even more happy everything turned out for the best.

Conference weekend always brings joyful thoughts to my mind.
Even though by that time our relationship wasn’t defined.
I’m pretty sure we spent a majority of that weekend together.
We even went to the park because of the very nice weather.

April 9th was a special day.
You asked if you could give me a kiss.
It’s a good thing you didn’t miss ;)

Then you left for the summer.
And that was a HUGE bummer.
I didn't think i was going to see you for awhile.
Your surprise visit sure made me smile.
After three days you left again.
Only this time you had a girlfriend.
I knew a long distance relationship would be difficult.
But overall I wanted the end result.

Your next visit was so much fun.
We spent lots of time together in the sun.
I hope you enjoyed what I cooked.
And it gave you one more reason to be hooked.

Seeing you at the airport was really grand.
I was very excited to hold your hand.
I was happy I got to spend more time with you.
This time I speak of was LONG overdue.
The month of August brought lots of adventures outside.
Looking back I can think of many bike rides.
Another memory is going to monkey rock.
You convinced me to jump of the bridge, now that was a shock.

The seasons changed to fall and school had to start.
We both had hard classes that required us to be really smart.
In the beginning it was hard because I didn’t see you at all.
But then we both figured out we could surprise each other in the hall.

We've had happy times and rough times, the highs and the lows.
There were nights that I didn’t receive a kiss on my nose.
But through the trials we finally figured things out.
100% Paul, I don’t have ANY doubt! 

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  1. EMILY!!! Your poem is so stinkin' cute!!!! :) haha oh how I miss you & Paul!